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What is the Best Mushroom Supplement 2023 - Your FAQs Answered!

Why did Powderful decide to use 4 adaptogenic mushrooms, plus 7 other adaptogens in the blend? Do we like them all and couldn’t decide? Do we like to list cool ingredients on the label? 

No. There is a method to our madness. 

When we created Powderful, we had already been taking Lion’s Mane and Chaga. We had investigated Lions Mane vs Reishi, Reishi vs Chaga. We had tried every ingredient in the blend before we even thought about creating our own brand. 

We know what works. We know what doesn’t. We know that the ingredients in Powderful support all the benefits we list on the label. So, we used them all. We tested the final blend to make sure that as well as having them on the label, they did the job we needed them to. Each of our ingredients has different active compounds that work magic in your body. Why use 5 ingredients when you can get the benefits of 15?

We get so many questions about the 4 mushrooms in our blend! So here are the top FAQs and answers about Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi.

Chaga Mushrooms

What Is Chaga? 

Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus) is an adaptogenic, functional mushroom. Though technically, the part we call Chaga is a mass of mycelium and dead birch tissue rather than a fruiting body (mushroom). 

Where Does Chaga Grow?

Chaga Mushrooms are a parasite on birch and other trees. They have the appearance of burnt charcoal. It is not the fruiting body, but a mass of mycelium, black in color due to the presence of melanin. Chaga harvesting is when we remove this mycelium and decaying birch mass.

How To Drink Chaga?

Traditional medicine used Chaga for thousands of years. You can drink it as Chaga tea, Chaga coffee, Chaga chai, as a tincture, or as a powder.

What Is Chaga Good For?

Antioxidants, SOD enzymes, and essential amino acids are responsible for Chaga effects. These protect cells from free-radical damage. In fact, it has one of the highest known ORAC values of any known substance. Chaga skin benefits have been well documented for this reason. Chaga supports cell regeneration, focus, memory, mood, immune function, anti-aging, and energy levels.

Lions Mane

What Is Lions Mane?

Lion’s Mane is a shaggy, white mushroom. It is an adaptogen and a nootropic. Lion’s Mane was being used as far back as 2000 years ago in the mountainous regions of Asia. It grows on trees and was used in Chinese medicine as a tonic for health and longevity. Buddhist monks drank Lion’s Mane tea as a tonic to increase their focus during meditation..

What Does Lions Mane Do? 

Lions Mane is full of compounds called hericenones and erinacines. These compounds are being studied for their effect on brain cells, cognitive function, the immune system, and mood. While human studies are ongoing, users report changes in memory and focus, a feeling of calm, and more. Lion’s Mane ADHD studies are an interesting one to look at! The strength and effects vary depending on the quality of the mushroom. With no stimulants, Lion’s Mane before bed or any time of day is fine!

How Long For Lions Mane To Work?

Adaptogens take time to get into your system, so you can expect to start seeing and feeling a difference in a couple of weeks of daily use. 

What Is The Best Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplement?

Well, of course, we are biased. We blended Lions Mane with 10 other adaptogens in Powderful to give you the active compounds from all the ingredients, rather than one!

Cordyceps Fungi

What Is Cordyceps Fungus?

Asian cultures used Cordyceps for centuries. They were more recently studied for their effect on the immune system and energy levels. Cordyceps has to be the strangest ingredient in our blend. Some mushrooms grow on trees or the ground, and Cordyceps on insects!

Cordyceps fungi reproduce when their spores infect an insect. The mushroom's mycelia grow inside of the insect, absorbing all its nutrients. The mycelia wrap around the insect’s brain, cutting it off from its body and allowing it to take over the insect’s motor function. It can then “drive” the insect to an area where it wants to release its spores (a Cordyceps ant zombie if you will). The fruiting body protrudes out of the insect to release spores and reproduce again.

Definitely creepy, but don’t worry! The fruiting body cordyceps we use are vegan and NOT grown out of an insect's head.

Is Cordyceps For Energy?

Many people use Cordyceps for energy. Cordyceps fungi are popular with athletes, including the Chinese women's running team who attributed it to their record-breaking performance! Using Cordyceps for energy is not the only benefit - studies have shown it has anti-aging properties due to its high antioxidant content.


Can I Use Reishi For Anxiety?

We can’t comment on illnesses and symptoms, including why many people have tried Reishi for anxiety (FDA rules prohibit this). But, some scientific studies say that Reishi mushrooms have the potential to decrease anxiety and depression.

Can I Use Reishi For Sleep?

Reishi is an adaptogen. Adaptogens help your body to adapt to stress and users report a feeling of calm, which can lead to restful sleep. So while it doesn’t have a sedative effect, using Reishi for sleep could be worth trying! 

What Are The Reishi Benefits For Skin?

Reishi benefits for skin may be due to its high antioxidant content, which fights free radicals that can lead to skin aging. Studies have shown they support the immune system and digestive health, which can also lead to improved skin health. In fact, 11 of Powderful’s ingredients are being studied for skin health!

Mushroom Coffee Benefits

What are the health benefits of mushroom coffee?

  • It has less caffeine, or none at all - meaning its an alternative to coffee for energy
  • Mushroom coffee may help the body manage stress due to adaptogenic mushroom qualities, which help you to feel more calm. 
  • It supports the immune system with many beneficial compounds, including beta glucans
  • Mushroom coffee may help protect against chronic diseases. See our ingredients page to read current research. 
  • Mushroom coffee can help you focus without the crash. A natural alternative to caffeine. 

You can check out a few of the studies on our ingredients on our Learn page to find out more - or follow us on Instagram @bepowderful for health, motivation, and recipes!

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